Trump Develops Brilliant Plan To Pull Rug Out From Under Asylum Seekers at Border

A new report from Politico seems to suggest that the White House believes that an executive action carried out by President Donald Trump may successfully deter the caravan carrying thousands of migrants from entering the United States.

The report, which was published on Thursday, reads, “Under the plan, the Trump administration would publish fast-track regulation that would restrict certain migrants’ ability to seek asylum. The regulation would be paired with a related proclamation from President Donald Trump.”

A Department of Homeland Security official as well as an administration official, along with “three people familiar with the move,” confirmed.


“The administration is considering a wide range of administrative, legal and legislative options to address the Democrat-created crisis of mass illegal immigration,” a White House official explained to Politico.

“No decisions have been made at this time. Nor will we forecast to smugglers or caravans what precise strategies will or will not be deployed.”

“The DHS official briefed on the moves warned that the administration could abandon the plan or adjust it before moving forward,” Politico wrote. “The actions appear to lean on the same statute behind Trump’s travel ban, according to those familiar with it. The statute states that the president can suspend entry of foreigners deemed ‘detrimental to the interests of the United States.’”

The Supreme Court upheld this travel ban on June with a 5-4 vote.

“The executive actions would follow the playbook of Trump’s most sensational immigration moves and test the bounds of public approval and legality, according to those familiar with it,” the Politico article reads. “Trump has fumed publicly and privately in recent days about a caravan of migrants traveling north through Mexico and challenged aides to find a solution.”


Conservative Tribune writes:

As for the bounds of public approval, was this what the administration or Homeland Security officials told Politico, or was this their takeaway? One guesses that it’s the latter, particularly given that polling seems to indicate that public approval is no more tested by stopping the caravan than it is by stopping illegal immigration. (Neither seems to trouble the minds of most voters, contrary to what one might read in the pages of the WaPo.)

In terms of testing the bounds of legality, let’s please remember that this would be based off of the same immigration law which undergirded the travel law — which even Politico acknowledges was held up by the court. Is this the “bounds of legality?”

The main issue here is that we have asylum law, which uses up massive resources, and is used as a delay tactic, allowing many to seemingly disappear before their court date.


It’s hard to believe that the migrant caravan traveling from Central America to the United States, with the intention of entering the country illegally, is not a political stunt.

Let’s just hope President Trump is able to turn this thing around before it enters the country.

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