Kansas City mayoral candidate arrested for DUI says he ‘behaved responsibly’

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Kansas City Councilman Quinton Lucas was arrested this week on suspicion of driving under the influence, according to arrest records.

The 34-year-old mayoral candidate said he had alcohol at a university function near downtown Lawrence, Kanas, Thursday and when he got to his car, realized he should not drive back to his home in Kansas City. He decided to make the “much wiser choice to wait until [he] was more comfortable” or call a friend, Lucas told Fox News.

“It would be grossly irresponsible after a few drinks to have driven that far,”

Lucas said.


In a statement posted online, Lucas said he fell asleep while sitting in his car and awoke to a police officer. He said the car was parked legally and he never attempted to move it, stressing he “behaved responsibly.”


Quinton Said

“Last night there was an incident in which I made the responsible choice not to drink and drive.

Last evening, I attended a university event and a post event gathering. I consumed alcohol. At 10:45pm, I decided to leave. When I got to my car I decided that I was not prepared to safely drive home to Kansas City. I decided to behave responsibly and wait in my car until it was safe to drive. Apparently, while waiting, I dozed off. I never moved or attempted to drive my car.

The car was legally parked in a metered parking spot. I never moved my car, never shifted a gear, never released my parking break, and never attempted to move the car in any manner.

After I had drinks last evening, I chose not to drive.

Around 11:30pm, a policeman approached my car and apparently found my behavior suspicious. Here is what I do know, I have the utmost respect for the men and women of the Lawrence Police Department and the policeman involved. He was courteous throughout, as was I. What I also know is that in making the critical decision not to drive last evening, I behaved responsibly.

I look forward to resolving this issue and explaining the responsible choice I made not to drive under the influence.”



Lucas was arrested for “driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs,” a misdemeanor offense, according to arrest records.

He was released from jail on $750 bond Friday and is due back in court in November. He said he plans to contest the charge.

In his official statement, Lucas stressed his appreciation for the officer who handled the situation in a “courteous” manner. He told Fox News he wanted to mention the “exceptional” officer because it’s a “time when police get attacked a lot.”

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