Week 6 Fantasy Bad Beats: When a passing TD that isn’t a passing TD beats you

Usually, if the fate of your fantasy matchup rests in the hands of Aaron Rodgers, you’re probably in pretty good shape. Even when A-Rod isn’t at his best, he’s still better than most quarterbacks in the league. Yet, even the golden arm of Rodgers can succumb to the merciless nature of fantasy football…and the NFL rulebook.

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On this edition of Bad Beats, Andy Behrens details the suffering undergone by many an Aaron Rodgers-fantasy owner whose victories rested with the Packers signal caller. One of the highlights in Monday night’s matchup against the 49ers was an awesome play in which the Pack split four receivers to one side against just two defenders. Rodgers threw a pinpoint touchdown pass to Ty Montgomery…or rather, what many thought was a touchdown pass.

In our Dishonorable Mention of the week, a player sporting a double-Gordon lineup (Melvin and Josh, respectively) ended up dropping a powerful lead to his opponent, thanks to one Davante Adams. Tell us about your tales of woe each week by sending a video talking about your bad beat or share a screenshot of your scoreboard at #FFLBadBeats.

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