Liberal Americans Hate America First Because They Hate Normal Americans

Arizona breathlessly awaits the latest treasure unearthed from the social media and YouTube archives of Democrat Senate candidate Krysten Sinema, who called her own state “crazy” and the “meth lab of democracy” before explaining to her 9/11 truther pal that she’s cool with Americans fighting for the Taliban. We eagerly await the video of her with Jane Fonda slowly roasting a bald eagle over a fire made from burning flags at an Antifa picnic.

This innovative Democrat strategy of picking candidates who hate the very people they seek to represent seems counterintuitive, but they keep doing it. Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit – you know, the genius our Fredocon betters instructed us we were morally obligated to vote for because Trump likes hot women – called us “deplorable.” It’s bad enough not bothering campaigning in Wisconsin; it’s outright insane to basically call up Wisconsin and yell, “You suck and I hate you!” before hanging up and pouring yourself yet another goblet of Trader Joe’s house label chardonnay.

But no one has called Democrats sane lately. They’re just finally being honest-ish and saying what they really think. As I explain in my acclaimed new book Militant Normals: How Regular Americans Are Rebelling Against the Elite to Reclaim Our Democracy(It’s been called “One of the books of 2018!” and hailed as “In English!”), the rights, needs, and interests of people like you are at best an annoyance, and they distract the liberal elites from the really important things, like increasing their own wealth and power. They are in it for themselves and had quite the sweet grift going, but you got all uppity and elected Trump and – Oh well I never! – that just won’t do.

You must be ignored, if you are lucky, or crushed, if they get the chance (and if you are stupid enough to give up your guns and ammo).

Oh, how they hate Donald Trump’s America First agenda. Why shouldn’t they? They don’t really consider themselves “Americans,” not like Normal Americans do. We Normals think of our American citizenship as a badge of honor. They consider it something they have to apologize for to Canadian tourists they meet in Barcelona.

Our liberal elite sees themselves not as citizens of the United States of America but as something better, more enlightened, more moral – “citizens of the world.” But of course, that’s silly. There are no “citizens of the world” because there is no “world.” There is a collection of nation-states, tribes, sects, and other groups inhabiting this giant space rock, and you can be part of one or more of them, but there is no “world.” However, there is a trans-national globalist elite that shares the same stupid values, beliefs, and taboos, and that’s who our useless elite identifies with. Whether it’s some herring-gobbling Nord-dork in Oslo or some Marxist puppetry prof in Pomona or some gender-confused EU functionary in Brussels or some CNN geebo who gets huffy when peeps call mobs “mobs,” the trans-national global elitists share more in common with each other than with their own people. And it is to their fellow elitists, and not us, to whom they are loyal.

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