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Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not someone who just makes the same old diplomatic replies in interviews. He has time and again made some funny, crazy and out-of-the-box comments in his usual unorthodox manner that became instant hits in amongst the public. Here is a compilation of some of his best quotes. Some of these quotes where shared in Reddit: taken from the original at thecricketmonthly.com

#1 Better way to die!

“You die, you die. You don’t see which is the better way to die.”


#2 DRS, the life jacket

“If I am going to buy a life jacket which does not come with a warranty, that’s a bit of a hassle for me. Especially with the huge amount of money you have to spend for the DRS. I would prefer some kind of warranty for it. The moment it comes, I will be happy.”



#3 Feeling the heat

“I was sitting at home and watching television. More often than not, you watch some really strong advertisements in the lead-up to an India-Australia series. The advertisement said: ‘It is winter out there, and summer out here, so get ready to feel the heat Down Under.’ I took it very seriously. I didn’t pack a single jacket, only to realise it is pretty cold here.”


#4 Extra pressure

“It’s like having 100kg put over you. After that even if you put a mountain, it will not make a difference.”


#5 Fatigue

“If you look at it, the two-hour bus ride from the airport was more tiring and difficult for us than the last few weeks of the IPL.”

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#6 India in Australia

You won’t see a Sreesanth batting like a Don Bradman just because he wants to bat like one.”


#7 Changing times

“Now when I look at the mirror, I can see a lot of grey beard!”


#8 Transition

“From Kishore Kumar, we have gone to Sean Paul.”

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#9 To Irfan Pathan through media

“I am not doubting you but you are gaining a reputation for being fit during the IPL and not during the Ranji Trophy. If you get fit, I need you in England, but you have to play first-class matches before that.”

#10 Red light area

When I am motorcycling and stop at a red light area, people flock to me and speak to me in Tamil.

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India Another Quote

“Tell us how @msdhoni inspires you. Send in your video and stand a chance to see yourself in the film!”

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Aboud MS Dhoni dogs

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