The pictures looks like edited with photoshop but they are real pictures and exist in world these places.

Yes, this guy really is hanging off a tall building while also holding on to two other dudes. His name is Mustang Wanted and, apparently, he does this all the time.

This is the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin, which houses the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium. The 82-feet high AquaDom holds a million liters of salt water and a vibrant collection of tropical fish, along with allowing certified divers to explore the contents More pictures of this Aquarium you can find here…………

Although they do seem perfectly parallel, these winding railroad tracks were obviously not intentional. After an earthquake hit New Zealand, it left the railroad tracks looking like this.

No, somebody did not Photoshop a bear into this family dinner; in fact, the bear is a part of this family. Brutus was adopted by the naturalist Casey Anderson as a newborn cub. Anderson even had Brutus be the best man at his wedding to the actress Missi Pyle and this bear’s video you can find here………

At first glance, the image above may appear to be digitally enhanced, but in reality, the person you see on the left is actually just a reflection from a mirror, whereas a piece of clear plastic was used to show the person (right side) behind. Continue reading to see more.

Boat Looks Like It’s Floating In The Air.

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Falling Book Sculpture By Alicia Martin

Yes, this ominous cloud formation is real.

Yes, this really does look like an escalator to hell. Don’t be alarmed, though, it’s really part of Stockholm’s metro system.


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