The most widely circulated fake pictures in world that will blow your mind.

The world’s most amazing real and fake pictures i am going to share here. These all pictures are viral ones and you would not believe if you see them. But only some social media network made them viral and did not know the reality behind them. I will try to write each picture description also.


Is this President Obama pointing at a naked picture of Trump?

Earlier this year there was a photo currently swirling around the great big toilet bowl of social media that supposedly shows President Obama in Cuba. He’s pointing and smiling at an illustration of a Donald Trump. An illustration of Donald Trump sporting a micropenis, no less. But it’s completely fake.

To make things even weirder, it’s a photoshop of a photoshop. The image on the bottom right featuring Beavis and Butthead was created by Vincent X Torres from the Guzu Gallery in Austin, Texas about a week ago. He originally posted it to his Facebook page, and that photo is also fake. More Fakes & Real pictures Donald Trump & Barak Obama You can find here……..


Is this President Obama telling a spooky story while hiding in his shirt?

Have you seen this photo of President Obama telling a scary story with his head inside his shirt? It’s currently doing the rounds on social media as “the single greatest photo of any president” ever. But it’s totally fake.

The original photo is from April of 2012 when President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama read the book Where the Wild Things Are to a group of kids at the White House Easter Egg Roll. And as you can see from the original photo, Obama’s head isn’t turtle-ing, for lack of a better term.The President and First Lady were clearly getting into telling the story though, as you can see from the other photos that Continue Reading…………………..

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Claim: A shark breached the water during a military drill and is about to attack military personnel climbing a helicopter ladder.This picture has got to be the most infamous of them all. It gives the impression that a large great white shark is leaping out of the ocean and is about to attack military personnel climbing a ladder dangling from a Special Forces UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter.

It was extremely popular back in 2001 and was widely circulated as an email. The email even alleged that National Geographic had awarded it the Photo of the Year award. As expected, the image gained popularity till it was finally revealed to be an Internet hoax.

There were suspicions that it might be fake when people realized that the image looked so much like a scene from the 1996 Batman movie. In that scene, Batmanwas attacked by a shark while climbing a helicopter ladder.

It’s actually two pictures that were merged to produce a remarkable looking final image.The first (above) is the picture of a military drill (in front of the Golden Gate Bridge), while the second one (below) shows a shark jumping out of the ocean (False Bay, South Africa).


Is this Megyn Kelly with a billionaire Saudi prince?

Have you seen this photo, retweeted by Mr. Donald Trump himself? It’s supposed to show Fox News host Megyn Kelly alongside a billionaire Saudi Prince. And it’s a complete fake. More detail is here……………….

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Diving Couple With Shark Behind Them.

Claim: A couple went scuba diving and a shark suddenly appeared behind them as their 15-year old son was trying to take a picture.According to the story, a couple along with their teenage son were vacationing in Australia. They went scuba diving and the couple posed for a picture. Just before snapping the picture, the father notices that his son, who is holding the camera, looks frightened. The father asked him if there was anything wrong. The boy says ‘No,’ then he quickly takes the picture and begins to swim frantically away so his worried parents follow him out of the water.

Back on the boat, their son tells them that a large great white shark had swum up behind them while he was snapping. Of course they don’t believe him until they get back to their hotel room and upload the image on their computer.

This picture, and story, became very popular on the internet mainly due to the clever use of the creator’s Photoshop skills. Also, the couple appear to be completely unaware of the massive shark behind them, and the shark is smiling as it poses for the picture too. Very creepy stuff indeed.

Below is the original shark photo that was used to create the image.

It was originally uploaded on Wikimedia Commons by Hermanus Backpackers, South Africa. You can clearly see that the image was manipulated to look so much larger than the couple.

The same image was used to create even more fake shark pictures like the one below.

This particular shark must really like pictures. Hmm.


Is this Marilyn Monroe and James Dean?

Marilyn Monroe and James Dean both led glamorous, incredibly short lives. Which is perhaps why they’re so often pasted together in photoshopped fabrications like this one.

The original photo of Marilyn was taken in March of 1955 on top of the Ambassador Hotel in New York. I haven’t been able to figure out precisely who took the original photo of Dean, but judging by the sweater Dean’s wearing I’m guessing it’s a behind the scenes shot from his 1955 film East of Eden.

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Is this a selfie taken in Brazil?

No, this isn’t the “world’s greatest selfie” or whatever caption you may have seen on social media. It’s an admittedly well done fake. The original photo appears on Instagram, sans the “selfie” aspect of the photo. A Reddit user even made a gif to show how it was done.


is this a zebra on the loose in New York?

There’s a zebra on the loose in New York! Or at least that’s what Twitter wants you to believe. The image went viral after Buzzfeed retweeted it. But it’s a fake.

Mens Journal writer Shawn McCreesh has since admitted that it was just a joke. And actress Mary Lynn Rajskub made the same joke with a different photo today. So it’s probably safe to assume that this is for some kind of TV or movie.

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Is this a real photo of Earth from the Hubble telescope?

Have you seen this photo of Earth from the perspective of the Hubble telescope? Well, it’s 100 percent fake. It’s a stunning image, but it’s actually computer generated. And there’s still some confusion over who first created it.

Snopes figures it’s from 2013 and done by an artist named Mike Kiev. But I suspect it’s much older, and perhaps not originally created by Kiev. You can find the image at the stock image site Shutterstock. That’s where similar images from the same unnamed source include many different variations of this image, including many with airplanes both large and small.


Is this Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley on a rooftop?

Why is Elvis Presley shirtless on a rooftop with Marilyn Monroe? I’m not sure, to be honest. All I know is that the photo is completely fake.

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Is this a fugitive caught at the US-Mexico border?

As photo debunker Hoaxeye points out, the photo was a re-enactment of a fugitive fleeing the US which was staged for photographers. As the photo caption at National Geographic explains, the photo was originally taken by Luis Marden circa 1939 in El Paso, Texas, though it’s not clear why the colors on this version appear more rich than the colors in the National Geographic archive, which appear washed out. It’s entirely possible that the photo has been both colorized (color film was rare in 1939) and tampered with by a number of different people since then.


Is this Hillary Clinton looking extremely ill?

Throughout the election campaign, there were countless fake photos circulated online. And none were more popular than fake photos of Hillary Clinton. This photo, as just one example from the conspiracy theory site InfoWars, is totally fake.

As Brendan Karet points out on Twitter, the photo of a haggard looking Clinton was manipulated by InfoWars, which then published the doctored photo. The real photo was published in the Wall Street Journal in 2015.


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